Mobile Workforce? We can save you time and money.

Authentik Systems' paperless time clock solutions can help you recover up to 5% more earnings, per payroll.

“With Authentik Systems, what used to take days now takes minutes. And most importantly, our payroll is more accurate which saves us money. The system pays for itself.” 

From home cleaning to home health, agriculture to landscaping and HVAC, we’ve got you covered. See how Authentik Systems can do away with costly and wasteful paper time sheets.

Industries Served See How It Works

We take this opportunity to introduce to you our FIG

The only remote biometric time card system that provides absolutely Who, When and Where!

Call for questions or investment opportunities for our new biometric system!

Patented Technology

Less Paper, More Profit

Paper is prone to errors and misreporting costing you time and money

Manage from Anywhere

Instead of checking in from the office, your team can check-in using their existing phones and tablets

Works with Payroll

Easily get information from Authentik, right into systems like ADP and PayChex

Super Support

We’ll help you get started, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way


charliesiteThis is Charlie. She built pet products delivery service Happy Pet from the ground up. But managing workers started to manage her…until she found Authentik Systems.

See Charlie’s Story


Roscoe and Randy “The Buddy Punchers”. Faithful to the end, Roscoe is sure to punch in for Randy when he’s inevitably running late. Meet more of Charlie’s Crew, and see their time and attendance challenges. 

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  • Affordably automating your workforce time management 
  • Biometric solutions that provide indisputable verification of time in and time out
  • Online access to information about your team
  • Getting a return on investment in your first pay period!

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